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I couldn’t find a helpful or simple solution to my problem of wanting to use an OpenWrt device I had as a wireless repeater. That is, using the OpenWrt device to extend my existing wireless network with no cables whatsoever. I’m sure this will be the case in a lot of instances, for lots of different reasons, so hope it will help people out there.

I thought the simplest way of explaining this would be to upload a video, as there would be too many screenshots. Please like and comment if you get stuck at any point and I will try to help!

UPDATE 29/08/20 – I finally got some time to edit the video and made the sound better, please comment if you found it useful!

UPDATE 13/07/20 – Sorry, I have had to remove the video as the sound had automatically been normalised by YouTube and the audio was far too quiet. I will upload the video again shortly so please check back soon.



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